EPI Council Election results

Congratulations to Denis McCarthy who was re-elected to the EPI Council, which organisation is the Institute of Professional Representatives before the European Patent Office. This is Denis’s 24th year on the Council and he topped the poll among the Irish candidates.Read More »

A few sales from a website not “genuine use”.

The Irish Patents Office has recently handed down a decision in a revocation action on what constitutes “genuine use”. Even though the registered proprietor was able to establish that four sales had been made via its website to Ireland during the relevant period, this was not regarded as “genuine use” […]Read More »

Dead in the Water

Irish Water has had a lot of difficulties of late. Most people will be aware that Irish Water is the State’s national water utility which is responsible for providing water services throughout Ireland. However, upon the formation of this company there were nationwide protests by many people who felt that […]Read More »