Types of Patents

Engineering, Mechanical and Physical Sciences

Our patent attorneys have a wealth of experience working with applications in the engineering, mechanical and physical sciences.

The team has worked with portfolios encompassing inventions in a wide range of sectors including farm equipment, consumer appliances, medical devices, food technology, and many more.

ICT, Software and Electronics

In such a rapidly evolving sector it’s important to keep on top of the latest innovations, and our team consistently works with inventors on the cutting edge of computer and software related innovations, including computer networks, telecommunications, cloud computing, semiconductor design and more.

We maintain in-depth knowledge of the criteria used by different patent authorities when assessing applications, as well as our clients’ technology. This has given us a strong track record of securing patent rights for our clients around the world.

Biotechnology, Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals

Our clients in the biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceutical sectors cover a wide range of disciplines including human and animal health and processes, medicines and diagnostic materials, drug design and discovery, industrial chemicals and many more.

Our dedicated experts in the life-sciences are experienced, not just in securing patents in this field, but advising clients on potential infringements, freedom to operate, and validity matters.

The team also advises on and obtains supplementary protection certificates (SPCs) for clients in the pharmaceutical sector.

Free IP Consultation

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