UK-based attorneys representing EUTMs will lose their capacity to act before the European Union Intellectual Property Office (‘EUIPO’) once the transition period ends. They will be removed from all files in EUTM related proceedings and will be deleted from EUIPO’s database of representatives therefore EUTM owners will require an EU-based representative to communicate with the EUIPO. The only exception to this general rule is where such a representative continues to act in ongoing proceedings.

It will be important to check that your representatives are still eligible to act on your behalf in relation to EUTM actions and disputes after 31st December 2020.

We at MacLachlan & Donaldson / Ansons having offices in both the UK and European Union are able to continue to act before both offices and our ability to service your IP needs in both jurisdictions will remain unaffected.

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MacLachlan & Donaldson / Ansons will be able to continue to handle the full range of actions and disputes before the EUIPO.  If you require assistance in any of the services mentioned in this article or require advice on separate issues before the transition period, please feel free to contact us on or to evaluate your current position in relation to your IP protection before it’s too late.

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