Intellectual property is a valuable business asset.

Commercialising your Intellectual Property

Intellectual property is a prime asset for any business, whether it’s a patented invention, a design, or a trade mark. Our highly experienced team of attorneys can help clients create and implement a strategy that maximises the benefit their IP brings to any business.

Using your intellectual property

There are many different reasons to register your IP, and knowing what your goals are before starting the process will help our team devise a strategy custom suited to your needs.

Are you looking to:

  • Keep competitors out of your market space
  • Sell your product at a premium price
  • Licence your IP to generate revenue

  • Secure a strong position for negotiating with investors

Whatever your goal, our team of attorneys can help ensure that your intellectual property becomes a tangible asset to your business.

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Licensing Intellectual Property

One way of commercialising your IP is to grant a third party a licence to utilise it. This can take the form of a:

  • Licence for Royalties: This means selling another business or third party the right to use your intellectual property, whether in exchange for a continuous fee or a one off payment. This can be an easier way to generate revenue off a patent or design if you don’t have the means to bring it directly to the market yourself.
  • Cross Licence: A type of exchange of rights. You allow someone else to use your intellectual property, and in exchange grant you rights to use their IP.

Enforcing your intellectual property rights

Registering your intellectual property can help prevent competitors from edging you out of the market, so it’s important to protect your rights in order to have the tools available to stop third party infringement.

We, at MacLachlan & Donaldson, can advise you how to deal with third party infringement of your intellectual property rights and what action may be available for you to take.

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