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We undertake pre-filing searches on behalf of clients and professional associates and have the capacity to file Irish, UK and European Union trade mark applications immediately upon receipt of instructions.

European Union Trade Marks

It is clear that any company which intends to trade in the European Union should consider the possibility of obtaining a European Union Trade Mark (EUTM) registration. EUTMs are unitary in character and a single registration covers all the member States of the European Union.

While a valid prior national right in any of the EU member States may be invoked in opposition proceedings to prevent the registration of a subsequent conflicting EUTM, due to the cost involved in conducting a pan European Trade Mark search, EUTM applicants frequently opt to limit the initial pre-filing search to the European Union Trade Marks database.

Once a European Union registration has been obtained, the search can be extended to identify any potential conflicting national and international rights enforceable in the specific EU countries where the trade mark is intended for use.

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