Portfolio Maintenance and Renewals

At MacLachlan & Donaldson we have a long established expertise in managing our clients’ portfolios of intellectual property registrations across a wide range of designs, trade marks, and patents.

Our state of the art record keeping system is a cornerstone of our management system, enabling us to provide you with regular updates on the status of their portfolio, and steps that can be taken to manage and improve it.

These include:

  • Reviewing your IP portfolio to check for any flaws or gaps in the coverage of what you have registered.
  • Advice on plugging those gaps with any additional registrations needed.
  • Regular due diligence investigations, which are an important step when considering acquisitions or mergers.


The registration for any intellectual property, whether it’s a design, trade mark, or patent, must be periodically renewed in order to retain your rights to it. Failure to do so before the renewal date could result in businesses or innovators losing the exclusive rights to their creation.

We have a dedicated team for monitoring the status of IP registrations to remind you when renewal deadlines approach. On your instructions our attorneys can also handle any renewals necessary in a timely and seamless fashion.

Free IP Consultation

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