Identifying & Evaluating Your Intellectual Property

Identifying and Evaluating Your Intellectual Property

With our experience in working with companies and investors, we here at MacLachlan & Donaldson understand full well the time, effort, and resources that can go into creating new intellectual property.

By working intimately with our clients, we can recognise new and emerging IP, and the potential value it can create for a business if properly registered.

How do I recognise Intellectual Property?

Our attorneys can help you figure out if what you have developed qualifies as new intellectual property that is in need of registration.

There are important steps to take before deciding to register IP, such as deciding if your creation is novel enough to qualify for registration and ensuring it doesn’t infringe on an existing patent or trade mark rights. We can advise you if your their work meets these criteria, and is in need of protection.

Freedom to Operate

Discovering if a concept or creation is novel, or infringes on someone else’s existing intellectual property rights, is something that is best undertaken as early as possible in the process.

Developing a new manufacturing process, or bringing a product to the market, only to find out after the fact that you are infringing on someone’s rights, can be costly. Not just in terms of the time and resources committed, but in potential penalties for any infringement.

We can guide and assist in carrying out as much due diligence as possible to identify potential infringements, and help manage them.

Free IP Consultation

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