Every April 26th WIPO hosts a celebration for World IP Day to learn about the role that IP rights play in encouraging innovation and creativity. Every business starts with an idea.

In fact, all the small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the market today have started from an idea which was expanded upon and taken to market.  We are lucky here at M&D to work with creative people whose ideas grow into something bigger.  The idea itself cannot be protected but the manifestation of an idea should always be protected by the appropriate Intellectual Property right.

At M&D this year we are celebrating World IP Day in a number of ways.


We will be writing a series of articles over the month April

  • to examine once again the basics of IP in the context of SME’s; as well as
  • looking at the value that appropriate IP protection brings to SMEs,
  • how an SME can put an IP strategy in place; and
  • considering the impact of recent challenges on IP management for SMEs.


In addition we are hosting a webinar on 27th April at 12pm, with Joe Doyle, Intellectual Property Manager with Enterprise Ireland, looking at IP and SMEs.  We will cover the basics of IP, the impact of Brexit, and Joe Doyle will give insight into the place of IP in enterprise development as well as the supports available in Ireland for Intellectual Property development.  You can book your spot on Eventbrite. Places are limited so be sure to get your space now.

We are also delighted to be speaking with the Small Firm Association (SFA) in a webinar on 29th April at 11am exclusively for SFA members.  We will discuss IP and SMEs and how IP can help an SME create and protect their brand.  SFA members can register their attendance through the SFA website here.

Additional Media

We will also continue to provide our usual helpful content on IP on our LinkedIn and Instagram pages.

Contact Us

Our team are available to help with any queries you may have in relation to IP and SMEs. Please contact us at mail@maclachlan.ie or info@ansons.co.uk.