We would like to draw attention to the Ideas Powered for Business Fund which is a European Commission initiative implemented by the EUIPO to financially support European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and help them access their intellectual property rights. There are two elements to the fund.

  1. Beneficiaries can get 50% off the basic application fees of national, regional and EU trade marks and designs. This support is available across the EU.
  2. Additionally the fund supports an IP pre-diagnostic services (IP scan), where professional IP auditors will help you to identify the value of your intellectual property assets. This can help you learn how to shape your IP business strategy now – and in the future.  Beneficiaries can get 75% off for this IP scan service.

The IP scan is provided through national IP offices and only some are currently participating. While the IPOI is not yet providing the IP scan service, it plans to provide this service later in 2021.  Keep on eye on the IPOI website for further information.

Each SME can be reimbursed up to a total of €1,500.

Below are some links to the IPOI and EUIPO websites with more information.