What is the value of your trade mark?

Looking back on 2021 statistics it is apparent which brands in Europe have increased in value. The total value of Europe’s top 500 most valuable brands dropped 10% from €1.96 trillion to €1.76 trillion during the COVID 19 pandemic but some brands managed to buck this trend and increase in value despite, or indeed because [...]

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Webinar with Ansons

Our colleagues, Cherrie Stewart and Dr. Isabel Meenan, are joining the Ballymeana Business Centre tomorrow for a "Wee Buns for Business" session. They will be discussing Intellectual Property in all its breadth, covering the main areas of  Trade Marks, Patents, Design, Trade Secrets and Copyright.  The webinar will start at 10am and there will be [...]

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How to buy into bona vacantia – CITMA Review article

Cherrie Stewart, Director and Trade Mark Attorney, based in our Belfast office, has once again contributed an article of interest to the latest copy of the CITMA Review. The process of purchasing IP rights from the Crown has changed somewhat in the post -Brexit world, as EUTMs are no longer available for purchase from the [...]

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IP at Christmas

At MacLachlan & Donaldson, we maintain that everyone has IP, even if they don’t know about it.  Even Santa Claus might need to consider IP protection after a busy year of toy creation:   “Ok, Mr Claus we have a lot to discuss regarding the protection of your Intellectual Property (IP).   I note that, [...]

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What makes a good trade mark?

The legal definition of a trade mark is any sign, capable of being represented graphically, which can distinguish goods or services of one undertaking from those of other undertakings. A trade mark can be a word, a phase, a symbol, a colour or a combination of these elements, but the question is what makes a [...]

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EU Trade Mark Registrations – 2,000,000 and going strong

On 24th August 2021, the number of European Union (EU) trade mark registrations hit 2,000,000. The Community Trade Mark Register was opened on 01st April 1996, with the very first Community Trade Mark Registration being filed by the Association Internationale pour la Protection de la Propriete Industrielle for the word mark AIPPI.  A registration which [...]

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37 years at M&D for Robert Hayes

Robert Hayes marked 37 years at M&D in August this year. He joined MacLachlan & Donaldson in 1984, having graduated from the University of Limerick with an honours degree in Business Studies (Management Services Specialisation). Robert is responsible for M&D’s IT and telecommunications facilities and records management. Robert also has many years of experience in [...]

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Protection for flags and other state emblems

As we have watched the Olympic Games in the last couple of weeks, the flags of each country have been displayed by the athletes representing the various countries and by supporters who wished to show their allegiances.  These flags are akin to a trade mark but, instead of distinguishing the goods of services of one [...]

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30 years at M&D for Carla MacLachlan

We are delighted to announce that Carla MacLachlan, Director and Trade Mark Attorney, has been working at MacLachlan & Donaldson for 30 years now. She began as a trainee Trade Mark Attorney and has worked with the firm to become an expert Trade Mark Attorney with years of experience and a deep expertise in safeguarding [...]

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Protecting your trade marks in export markets (II)

We previously identified three main routes to Trade Mark protection and today we will look at each of these in more detail. National applications While many countries are members of international agreements which deal with Intellectual Property, these agreements may be interpreted differently leading to different requirements in different jurisdictions.  For example, in some countries, [...]

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