The Licensing Executives Society (LES) Britain and Ireland conference, held in Dublin, brought together professionals and innovators from various sectors to discuss the importance of embracing emerging technologies. The event featured thought-provoking discussions, informative sessions, and valuable networking opportunities.

An important aspect of the conference was the discussions on the complexities surrounding IP protection and management in the rapidly evolving technological landscape. The conference also offered valuable guidance on how businesses can navigate IP disputes and leverage their innovations effectively.

A notable highlight of the conference was the discussion on the importance of innovation in a green economy. Specifically, the conference shed light on how those operating in the agriculture industry are pivoting their practices towards a more sustainable way of working using innovative systems. Attendees had the opportunity to learn about cutting-edge technologies and practices that promote sustainable agriculture. The session highlighted the role of innovation in addressing environmental challenges and ensuring a sustainable future for the agriculture industry.

There was an interesting panel discussion on the use of artificial intelligence (AI) across industries. Innovators and business leaders shared their insights on how AI can revolutionize their industries, enabling them to achieve growth and success.

The conference also addressed a timely topic, providing attendees with an update on the Unified Patent Court (UPC). With its official opening on the 1st of June, the UPC has sparked significant interest and anticipation. Although many patent proprietors chose to opt out their patents from the jurisdiction of the UPC, there remains a considerable level of support for the initiative. In Ireland, many are eager for increased awareness of the UPC and hope that the wait for a referendum to ratify the UPC agreement will not be too long. The conference provided an opportunity to discuss the potential benefits and challenges that the UPC may bring to the region’s intellectual property landscape.

Overall, the conference was a great opportunity for networking and learning.