Further searches at EPO – forthcoming rule change effective from 1st November 2014

Flexibility in prosecuting certain European patent applications is currently restricted by the inability to obtain a search report for claims which the EPO considers to relate to more than one invention.  In such cases, the EPO searches the invention first presented in the claims and raises a lack of unity […]Read More »

Kevlar TM inventor Stephanie Kwolek passed away aged 90.

We mark the recent passing of an outstanding scientist and inventor Stephanie Kwolek on June 18th 2014 in her 91st year. Ms. Kwolek was a researcher for several decades at DuPont, where she was engaged in the development of new fibres. Most famously, in 1965 she and her team developed […]Read More »

Alice Corp. v CLS Bank International – Software Patents in the United States

Abstract ideas and pure methods of doing business have for some time been excluded from patentability in the United States. On 19th June 2014 the United States Supreme Court handed down its Decision in Alice Corp. v CLS Bank International, which involved a method for performing a financial transaction, and has unanimously ruled that abstract […]Read More »