M&D has been celebrating World Intellectual Property Day over the last week.

This year the theme for World Intellectual Property Day is “Youth and IP” and we have published two articles, and a number of trivia pieces, to celebrate the importance of Intellectual Property in the drive among the the younger generation to innovate for a better future.

We celebrate the creativity and innovation which is shown every day, as young people use their energy, curiosity and creativity to steer a course to a better future, driving positive change and, as WIPO states “using IP rights to achieve their goals, generate income, create  jobs, tackle local and global challenges as well as supporting community and national development“.

Our Belfast based Director and Trade Mark Attorney, Cherrie Stewart, has written a piece on our Ansons website, looking at how, as the WIPO says, “a creative and innovative mindset backed-up with IP rights will help you make a difference”.


In addition, M&D have contributed to www.thinkbusiness.ie on the subject of the importance of IP in the entrepreneurial efforts of the youth and detailed the numerous programmes that exist in Ireland to support our youth in their creativity and ambition for the future.

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