Let’s talk Copyright and Designs. Do you have an original product design such as a unique fashion design, a signature furniture design, statement jewellery design or simply a unique packing design for your products?

In our fourth lunchtime webinar, attendees will hear from experienced trade mark and patent attorneys about the identification and protection of copyright and designs. We will also touch on aspects of trade secrets.  Book your ticket on Eventbrite.

Copyright arises automatically in artistic and literary works and is something many, if not all, businesses have, albeit often unknowingly. To ensure exclusive rights, the appearance of a product can be protected by unregistered or registered design rights.

MacLachlan & Donaldson (Ansons) trade mark attorney, Cherrie Stewart and patent attorney Denis McCarthy, will provide an introduction to the world of copyright and designs, answering questions such as:-

• What is copyright and what can be protected by design registration?

• Where should I protect my design?

• When should I consider design protection or enforcement of copyright?

• Why should I protect my design or consider copyright?

• How do I protect my design or manage my copyright?

Even if you can’t attend, we will send you the recording afterwards.  Book your ticket on Eventbrite.