Do you know what you can register as a trade mark?  What makes a good trade mark and how can you try to choose a good one from the beginning of your business endeavours?

A trade mark can consist of words, letters, numerals, colours, designs, the shape of goods or of the packaging of goods and sounds.

A trade mark should be distinctive and should not describe the goods or services intended to be sold under the trade mark.

The most effective trade marks make no reference to its goods or services; for example LAYA for health insurance, APPLE for computers or MARS for chocolate. LAYA is an invented word and therefore has no meaning in relation to health insurance. APPLE and MARS are ordinary dictionary words, one being a piece of fruit and the other being a planet but are unrelated to computers and chocolate and therefore function perfectly as trade marks in relation to these goods.

For a trade mark to be registrable it should be distinctive ( LAYA) and/or should not be descriptive of the respective goods or services ( APPLE/MARS).

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