On 2 December 2019, the Irish  Patents Office changed  its name to the “Intellectual Property Office of Ireland” (IPOI).   The title of the Controller of Patents Designs and Trade Marks  or CEO  of the Office  also changed to the “Controller of Intellectual Property”.  The Irish Patents Office first opened its doors in 1929 for the processing of applications for patents, trade marks and designs.

The change only applies to the name and does not impact on the role of the Office or how it operates.   The change will not affect registered trade mark, design or patent rights. The change will not affect current applications or the application process for intellectual property rights in Ireland.

The new name should better reflect the role of the IPOI in managing a full range of intellectual property rights. These include patents, registered trademarks and designs, and supplementary protection certificates.  The new name also reflects common naming standards abroad for similar agencies and offices, which should make it easier for people to identify the statutory office in Ireland which manages intellectual property rights. The full range, after all, is more than just patents.

This change of brand, we hope, will encourage this Government body to continue its work in modernising the Office and adapting new technologies to better serve its customers and Irish business.