We are pleased to announce that European Patent Attorney, Nikos Minas,  has joined our company from a Belgian firm of Intellectual Property Attorneys.

Nikos is an expert at helping companies and individuals identify, protect and exploit their innovations. He has extensive experience in the development and management of optimised patent portfolios for a diverse range of clients ranging from independent inventors to large international corporations. Nikos specialises in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in the technical fields of computer software, electronics, semiconductor manufacturing, physics and mechanics. He regularly advises businesses on IP infringement issues, competitors’ patent portfolios analysis, and IP due diligence. Nikos also has considerable experience in advising companies on the implementation of best practices for qualifying for the Corporate Tax relief under the different Patent (Knowledge Development) box schemes across Europe.

A European Patent Attorney, Nikos joined the firm in 2017, having previously worked for over nine years in Belgium in both R&D and IP related roles. He has a PhD and Masters in Microelectronics from Newcastle University (UK), and a Bachelor in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Portsmouth University (UK). He is the author of a number of highly regarded peer review publications in the field of microelectronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and a mentioned inventor in two granted patents.

Nikos has considerable experience in representing his clients before the European Patent Office and the Boards of Appeal and has conducted oral proceedings at all levels of the European Patent Office. Nikos is fluent in both English and Greek and has some knowledge of Dutch from the time he spent in Belgium.

We wish Nikos all the best in his new position.