We mark the recent passing of an outstanding scientist and inventor Stephanie Kwolek on June 18th 2014 in her 91st year. Ms. Kwolek was a researcher for several decades at DuPont, where she was engaged in the development of new fibres.

Most famously, in 1965 she and her team developed the polymer commonly known as Kevlar TM, as well as later variants of it. Kevlar TM is a high tensile strength aramid fibre which proved to have many desirable properties resulting in it being used in myriad applications, particularly notably in bullet-proof vests.

Ms. Kwolek received many well-deserved awards in recognition of her pioneering work. In 1994 she was inducted into the United States National Inventors Hall of Fame, becoming the 4th woman to receive this honour.

Stephanie Kwolek 31 July 1923-18 June 2014.