MacLachlan & Donaldson are proud to share that Denis McCarthy, Director and European Patent Attorney, has been elected to the Council of the European Patent Institute (epi).  Denis has been a full member of the Council before and we are delighted that he has been elected again by his fellow Irish Patent Attorneys.

As described on its website,  the epi is governed by a Council which is elected by the members of the respective national constituencies and by a Board elected by the Council, which includes its President. The epi Council has adopted internal regulations governing its conduct and functioning. The epi is at the forefront of patent law developments and regularly serves public policy leaders by issuing legal opinions and highly specialised advice.

Another core area of the epi is to promote compliance by its members with the Rules of Professional Conduct through fair procedures. The epi serves its members by providing them with advice and training as they advance within their profession, keeping them informed about latest developments and enriching the diversity of the profession, while responding to their individual professional needs. The epi likewise supports candidates to pass the European Qualifying Examination and become future members.