Brexit is looming and will impact many aspects of business including Intellectual Property Rights (IPR).

Join our webinar on 11th November at 12pm as we explain the effects of Brexit on the different types of IPR, and find practical answers to questions like:

  • Will my existing IP rights be sufficient after Brexit?
  • What changes might I need to make to my IP portfolio?
  • Do my licence and distributor agreements cover the relevant territories?
  • If I am importing or exporting goods, have the IP rights contained in the goods been exhausted in the relevant territory?
  • Will my custom notifications still apply in the UK and EU?

This webinar is a collaboration between Enterprise Ireland and MacLachlan & Donaldson. Highlighting relevant case studies, scenarios and supports available to Irish companies – this webinar will be of interest to the management team of any company, including start-ups and SME’s, that is involved in marketing, import, export or creation of innovative products and services across all industry sectors.

Exploring this topic and more during the webinar will be Peter MacLachlan and Cherrie Stewart of MacLachlan & Donaldson, Joe Doyle, Intellectual Property Manager in Enterprise Ireland, and Emer O’Byrne of Enterprise Ireland’s Brexit Unit.

The webinar will be hosted by national broadcaster and journalist – Jonathan Healy

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