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Do you have an invention or innovation that you want to protect with a patent? We can advise on its patentability, and help to prepare and process the patent application. Or perhaps you already have a patent and are concerned that somebody is infringing it? We can also advise on infringement.

Our patent team can draft, file and prosecute national Irish, UK, European and worldwide patent applications We can also advise on all aspects of patent validity and infringement. Our patent attorneys are experienced in a wide range of disciplines, in particular:

  • Engineering, material and production engineering
  • Biotechnology, chemistry and pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics and computer software

For more information on how we can help you, see the drop-down menu.

In outline, we can help by:

● Drafting patent specifications, and preparing formal drawings
● Preparing and filing applications for patents, both nationally and internationally
● Prosecuting patent applications to grant
● Patent searching, including research into and advice on potential conflicts with pending patent applications
and existing patents
● Advising on litigation concerning all aspects of patents, including opposition, infringement and revocation proceedings
● Advising on patent enforcement
● Validation of European patents in Ireland, the UK and elsewhere
● Maintaining patent portfolios

Supplementary Protection Certificates

In addition to general patents, we can help you prepare and file Supplementary Protection Certificate for medicinal and plant protection products, and specifically:

● Preparing and filing applications for supplementary protection certificates
● Advising on litigation concerning supplementary protection certificates, including invalidity proceedings

Technology transfer and licensing

This is an important area, where we can help you to:
● Investigate the existence and scope of patent protection
● Advise on technology transfer agreements
● Liaise liaising with solicitors and accountants engaged in technology transfers
● Advise on patent licensing and preparing and enforcing patent licences