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There are two types of patent in Ireland: a full 20-year patent, and a short-term 10-year patent. The filing requirements are essentially the same for both, and we can help and advise at all stages of the process.

Minimum filing requirements: one copy of the description, abstract, claims and drawings, together with information sufficient to identify the applicant.

Full filing requirements:

To file for an Irish patent application we need:

1. A copy of the description, claims and abstract (and drawings if any).
2. Name(s), address(es) and nationality of applicants.
3. Name(s), address(es) and nationality of inventors.
4. Priority Document and verified translation, if appropriate.
5. Date of Assignment from the inventors to the applicant, if any.
6. Authorisation of Agent (Form No. 5) — to be signed by the applicant and filed within three months of the filing date of the application. Download Authorisation of Agent form PDF
7. For full-term patent applications, information as to whether a prescribed corresponding patent application has been or will be filed; otherwise a request for a search must be filed.