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Portfolio Maintenance and Renewals

We have acquired a recognised expertise in maintaining and managing portfolios of Patent, Trade Mark, Design and Domain Name registrations on behalf of our many clients. One of the cornerstones of our portfolio management service is our state of the art record-keeping system, which enables us to generate up-to-date status reports for clients on a same day basis.

As part of our proactive management service we:

  • Conduct periodic reviews of the IP portfolios for which we are responsible with a view to identifying any gaps in coverage
  • Provide clients with advice and guidance on any additional registrations that may be required
  • Conduct IP due diligence investigations, which are essential if you are thinking of a merger or acquisition.


Patent, trade mark, design and domain name registrations must be renewed prior to their respective renewal dates and failure to pay the renewal fees on time may result in losing these valuable and important rights. We have a dedicated formalities department and provide clients with timely renewal reminders well in advance of each renewal deadline to facilitate ease of maintenance. We also ensure that all renewal instructions are acknowledged and acted upon promptly.