Why Patent Attorneys are indispensable / Are third parties free to produce Myriad’s breast cancer gene test?

In a much-anticipated decision in Association for Molecular Pathology v. Myriad Genetics, Inc., the United States Supreme Court has held that product claims directed to naturally occurring BRCA gene sequences are products of nature and are therefore not eligible for patent protection.  Thus claims to naturally occurring nucleic acids are not […]Read More »

UK Intellectual Property Bill 2013

What is it all about? The Bill (here) is weighted heavily towards change in the UK design legal framework but patents and freedom of information both get a mention too.  The Bill aims to simplify and improve design and patent protection to help businesses, to clarify the IP legal framework […]Read More »

Apple v Samsung patent and design wars continue

As those following the ongoing battle between the smartphone giants Apple and Samsung will know, US District Judge Lucy Koh last year asked Apple’s lawyers were they “smoking crack”  because they expected her to go through 75 pages of objections to witnesses.  In the UK, Judge Colin Birss said that Samsung’s […]Read More »