How to continue the protection of your trade secrets

Last week we shared information with you about how to identify and protect your trade secrets. This week we want to share more practical steps you can take within your business to increase the chances of confidentiality on trade secrets. To recap, a trade secret is something that is not […]Read More »

How to protect your trade secrets

Do you know what a trade secret is? Do you know how to go about identifying and protecting your trade secrets?  Read on to find out more about how you can manage these vital assets for your business. Trade secrets are an unregistered form of IP.  There are no records […]Read More »

A New Year’s resolution suggestion

If you haven’t already considered what New Year’s resolutions you should be planning and adhering to, we have a suggestion to make. Please remember to consider Intellectual Property (IP) at the start of a project. Don’t leave it until you have already made substantial progress, only to discover that there […]Read More »